Sanofi Aventis Testimonial for QRI Dr. Daniel Hernández Cortés, MD

Marketing Director, Clexane, Sanofi Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

As the Sanofi Mexico Marketing Director of Clexane I have worked closely with Dr. David Jaimovich and the QRI team for over two years, QRI is a strategic partner of Sanofi. Their consultants lecture at quality and safety educational programs sponsored by Sanofi and have provided on-site quality and safety consulting at hospitals that been funded by grants through Sanofi.

QRI developed the ThromboAssessor™ program currently licensed to Sanofi. ThromboAssessor™ is an e-tool developed for the management of Thromboprophylaxis in hospitalized patients and also provides recommendations for prophylactic anticoagulation therapy during hospitalization.

The QRI development team translated our plans and algorithms into an e-tool that far exceeded our expectations, demonstrating an understanding of the needs of busy healthcare clinicians and creating an elegant, easy to understand and use tool that automated more of the processes than we anticipated.

We look forwarded to continuing our work with QRI and highly recommend them for their expertise in e-tool development together with their extensive experience in, and commitment to, patient safety and quality of care.

Dr. Carlos Enrique Cárdenas Rendón, MD

Director Cluster of Medicine and Dentistry Services
Medellín Health City, Colombia

As Director for the Medical and Dental Services Cluster of Medellin, Colombia I have had the pleasure of working with QRI since October 2009. QRI is a valued strategic partner for us and the member organizations of the Cluster. Their consultants have collaborated to improve quality and patient safety and the best suited way to support short and long term preparation for our organizations to achieve Joint Commission International accreditation. Their presence and work has had the utmost of professionalism.

When QRI implements a project with each member of the Cluster, hospitals and outpatient clinics, they offer close follow-up with detailed reports and provide ongoing support for the
implementation of their recommendations. QRI has also been an integral member of several educational programs, which have always been very valuable for the preparation of our professional organizations. Their consultants have excellent training as doctors and health administrators with extensive experience in providing their technical advice and expertise that is much appreciated by our members since this is of great importance in achieving their objectives.

We look forward to many years of collaboration with QRI so they are part of the maturation process and competitiveness of our organizations and Medellin as an international healthcare destination.

Accreditation Committee

Clínica las Americas
Medellín, Colombia

For Hospital Las Americas it has been very valuable to have the consultancy of QRI, an entity that has guided us in the international accreditation process with great reliability and responsibility, becoming a strategic partner for our institution. QRI offers a methodology that allows hospitals like ours to understand the importance of this process, the commitments required to imbed them and make them part of the organizational culture, a fundamental element which is a great value added service to their expert consulting.

Moreover, it is worth noting that to have access to consulting in Spanish has been very helpful and has facilitated the understanding of the process with great clarity. As well as relying on the expertise and qualifications of the consultancy team.

QRI is a company that stands out for its high technical capacity, human quality and most importantly the support and guidance they offer to the organizations they advise.

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