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Global Press Release Distribution, Beijing, PRC, 28 September, 2012

The Chinese Hospital Association and Quality Resources International Present a Joint Conference

“Improving Healthcare Quality, Ensuring Patient Safety”

Conference focuses on some of the most challenging healthcare topics for Hospitals in China The Chinese Hospital Association (CHA) and Quality Resources International (QRI) launched a collaborative demonstration project this week designed to improve patient safety in China. Healthcare professionals representing the top Tier 3 hospitals from six different regions of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) attended a conference titled “Improve Healthcare Quality, Ensure Patient Safety” in Beijing, PRC. Participants included hospital leaders and clinical specialists in the areas of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and infectious diseases.

Eric Chong, Deputy Secretary of the Chinese Hospital Association stated: “We believe that QRI has developed an excellent, practical, hands-on coaching project for six of the top tier 3 hospitals chosen for a Multi-Center, Multi-Region Quality Improvement project. The first phase of the project focused on three of the most important quality and patient safety issues, Medication Management, IV Therapy Safety and Hospital Acquired Infections. These three very important initiatives are aligned with the overall Ministry of Health and the Chinese Hospital Association’s strategies for improving healthcare quality and ensure patient safety throughout the hospitals in China.”

He added, “We are especially pleased with the results of the first training seminar and for the information and quality tools that QRI shared with the representatives of the various hospitals. Upon returning to their hospitals, the participants will be able to implement all of the information that was shared with them to demonstrate the benefits of targeted, efficient and evidence based process improvement projects can have on patient outcomes.”

The Conference which inaugurated a two year demonstration project featured comprehensive presentations and group exercises from QRI leaders, Chinese and international consultants who covered topics that included: Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, How Reporting Medical Errors Can Make a Difference in Patient Outcomes, Communication Strategies, Chinese Hospital Accreditation Standards, IV Therapy Safety, Managing the Pharmacy Workflow to Minimize Errors, Tracer Methodology, Developing a Comprehensive Medication Safety Strategic Plan and Program, Using Care Bundles to Improve Healthcare Quality.

Dr. David Jaimovich, President of Quality Resources International , stated “I commend the Chinese Hospital Association for their vision and leadership in focusing on areas of healthcare that are a challenge for all hospitals around the world. These leading hospitals in China were chosen to implement new strategies and tools that will demonstrate sustainable quality and safety improvement by multidisciplinary teams in their respective organizations.”

According to Dr. Jaimovich, the participants will be implementing these strategies at their hospitals during the next two years in collaboration with QRI consultants with expertise and skills in these challenging areas. The goal of the project is to develop successful sustainable programs and strategies that are aligned with the Ministry of Health’s efforts in improving quality and safety for all Chinese citizens. For further information, please contact Quality Resources International, Inc.



Gesaworld, 16 May, 2012

Gesaworld Group, an international consultancy headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and QRIntl have signed a cooperative agreement to develop international healthcare projects and programs together.

Participating in the 2nd Annual International Seminar in Health and Sustainability sponsored by Gesaworld Group , Dr. David Jaimovich, President of QRIntl stated “Gesaworld Group and QRIntl share a commitment to projects that contribute to patient safety and quality improvement of public and private services in the healthcare sector. We look forward to a long and collaborative relationship developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the global healthcare community.”


Tele Doce, 22 March, 2012